In the SketchClub community anywhere you can type you can also use fun Emoji and emoticons! You can even create your own personal emoticons to use!


This video shows how to enable the Emoji keyboard. Once enabled, when the on screen keyboard comes up you will see a globe icon in the bottom left which you can tap to switch to Emoji keyboard and choose between lots of built in smiley faces and such.

Shared emoticons

Okay here's the big list of shared SketchClub emoticons! Just type any of these including the parenthesis and they will be swapped out to the appropriate image. Big thanks to Cassy484 who made most of the animations and Jenniration Y who made most of the video game emoticons!


Creating your own emoticons

You can create your own emoticon from any sketch you upload! For best results start with a small square canvas so you get a sense of what it will look like in the end.

Once you're done drawing your emoticon upload your sketch and tag it as Emoticon. You'll see the little emoticon then on the sketch page. To use it as your personal emoticon which appears when you type (me) just edit your profile and at bottom you will see the space to select which of your emoticons to use when you type (me)