Community Guidelines



SketchClub is a place for you to create cool things and share them with others. You can inspire others with your creations and get inspired yourself seeing the works of others. There are lots of opportunities for learning, teaching, collaborating, and interacting with other artists.

People of all ages, skill levels, races, ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations, and gender identities are welcome at SketchClub.

Chat reporting

Chat is moderated by all community members through a reporting reputation system. If you see someone behave inappropriately use the /report command to log it. (type /report followed by a paste of the user's profile link) Temporary bans are carried out automatically based on reporting and the affected artist will be unable to access chat for an increasing amount of time with each violation. If this happens to you, don't panic! Take a moment to reflect on your recent actions and how they may have affected others ability to use or enjoy the community. If you feel strongly it was in error please contact with details and be patient.

Sketch reporting

Similar to chatting, sketches are automatically removed when inappropriate or disqualified from compos when necessary based on reports from community members. On each sketch page there is a report box. Again if this happens to you consider carefully your sketch but if you do feel it to be an error contact


Groups allow artists to join together around a particular theme, style, or other fun criteria. Each group is lead by members of the community and can set their own rules for the group's operation and what sketches fit.

Feature stars are earned by the group based on participation and activities like group events. Stars should be awarded fairly to members of the group based on events and outstanding contributions to the group. Group leaders should refrain from awarding stars to themselves unless it's a leader awarding another leader based on fair results of a group event.

Group leaders are also allowed to request sketches to be featured. These should be exceptional sketches that fit the group theme and do not necessarily need to be sketches that have been added to the group. Use the opportunity to show your group appreciates great art! As with stars these must be fairly awarded.

Artists can request for new groups to be created. An appropriate thumbnail for the group representing the group's theme or topic is required to make the request. Other artists can vote up group requests they are interested in and once enough interest is expressed the group is formed. The person who requested the group is made the leader and can then promote other co-leaders. All artists who vote up a group request automatically become members when the group is formed. If not enough interest is expressed within a certain time frame the request will expire.