Quick tutorial videos

Shortcuts bar
Using folders
Wifi sharing
Loading a grid
Export to PSD

Unihorse tutorial pack

Unihorse has created an amazing set of tutorials covering both art techniques as well as app features.

Layers and blend modes
Vector tool and backgrounds
Two layer vector tutorial
Work in Progress
Using "on" mode
Make your own brushes
Backgrounds and textures
Texture, shadows, and filters
My Little Pony
Adventure Time

Tutorials on using SketchClub

Welcome to SketchClub by Mark
Select Tool Tutorial by Mark
Wifi Sharing by Mark
Animation Tutorial by Mark
PretzlKing's UI overview
Mishpot's guide to the Layer panel
Shading and texturing with Overlay by Theo Ybema
Duo's scratch tutorial
Burn and dodge guide by Treasureli
How to create a mandala by Schwabby
Text as a mask by Schwabby
Cut-out effect by Purple
Duo's guide to dodge mode
Duo's outline tutorial
Making custom brushes by RMJones
Mawx's layer setup tutorial
Mawx's layer blend modes tutorial
Mawx's value to color tutorial
Texturizing tutorial by Cowgirl

General art tutorials

Pri's lighting tutorial
Pri's faces tutorial
Face tutorial by Dr. Toszi
Goodgirls's skin tutorial
Goodgirls's hair tutorial
KITZO's hair tutorial
Basic art rules by M's Butterflies
Simple hair by Peking Duck
Comics Books by Just Bob
Eye and nose tips by Fae By McKay
Nobby's guide to flames
Light tutorial by Roberto Rendón
Vermeer's eye tutorial
Clouds by Roberto Rendón
Clouds by Kahlow
Faces by Lydia
Loly-Cool's realistic hair