SketchClub Patrons



The community is supported in part by wonderful artists who become Patrons. Along with the joy of knowing you help make this art community possible, when you become a Patron you receive a bunch of fun and helpful extras.

Custom profile web address

Instead of a link with a giant number at the end like you get a beautiful link like This is great for sharing with friends outside of the app and can be easily remembered. Simply edit your profile infos to change your custom link.


If you would like to protect your works online with a watermark you will love this options. When you upload a sketch (or edit an existing sketch info) you will see a Watermark option. If you select this a watermark will be automatically applied to your sketch when it is displayed in the community. You can configure in your profile what name to include in its copyright message. When you change an existing sketch it may take a few seconds to be applied so return to your sketch after a bit to see it.

Advanced statistics

From your profile page you will find a link to your private stats page which graphs how many views your sketches have had over the past hours, days, and months. You also can see which sketches are being over the past day and week. This is really fun to check after sharing your sketch online.

E-mail notifications

You can optionally enable e-mail notifications for important events like receiving a private message or getting a new fan.

Private .sketchClub file uploads

The source .sketchClub files for sketches are very large so when they are shared online it is intended just for co-ops. Becoming a Patron gives you the ability to upload these files with your sketches and keep them private so only you can download them. This is a great way to keep an extra copy of your important sketches.

Synthesize .sketchClub files from old uploads

Have an old sketch you uploaded and want to use it again but don't have the original sketch anymore? No problem. Now you can have the server synthesize a .sketchClub file for you complete with sketch stats so you can edit it or rework it without any image loads! This is available on the sketch page in the new community mode for Patrons.

Becoming a Patron

To purchase a membership visit the SketchClub Store on the web. Navigate to, login with your linked Google or Facebook account, open the menu (upper left three horizontal lines button) and then choose "store". Thanks so much for your interest and support!

Canceling being a Patron

Thanks for all your support, you may cancel being a Patron at any time. Either cancel the recurring payment set up with PayPal or email with link to your account profile and it can be done that way too.

Extra profile options