App Settings


Settings for the SketchClub app can be found in the system Settings app (the same place you configure Wifi and such). Here's an explanation of the different options!

General settings

Tap and hold color pick

When this is enabled you can sample colors from the canvas by tapping and holding. The slider controls how long this delay is from happening very quickly to taking a longer holding time.

Stylus accessories

SketchClub has excellent support for the many iPad styluses available include the iPen, aPen, Studio Pen, JaJa, Jot Touch, and Pogo Connect! For the stylus hardware that uses Bluetooth you need to explicitly enable them here. Just turn the switch on for the stylus that you have then when you use SketchClub you'll see a stylus icon in the upper right of the toolbar. It displays the connection status with a notification and a + in the icon.

Pressure sensitive styluses can be configured so that the pressure alters the stroke size, opacity, or both. With the Brush tool selected tap the Tool settings icon and then the Edit button. At the bottom of the settings you'll see the Velocity controls change to Pressure controls when a pressure sensitive stylus is connected.

Advanced settings